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Cory Kahane

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I'll always think of myself as a proud California boy from the San Francisco Bay Area.

My love of acting began with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival,

back when I was so young that intermission was past my bedtime

and I'd inevitably fall asleep in my chair before curtain call.

In 2008 I moved to Chicago to study acting at The Theatre School at DePaul University.

Since then, I've been lucky to have my work take me many directions:

Filming a Lifetime Original Movie in Los Angeles

Training with The Second City and Chicago Shakespeare Theater

Performing over 200+ times in Bad Jewswhich took me from Chicago
to Santa Barbara, CA all the way to Frankfurt, Germany

Now I've recently moved to Los Angeles, finally back in my home state of California.

In LA, I began exploring art even further, pursuing a Stand-Up Comedy career and performing as Singer-Songwriter on

If I'm not busy working, I'm probably reading news articles, playing video games,
or narrating the antics of my cat Dratini.

So there you go - now you know some stuff about me. Hooray for learning!

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